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P1000958I love following the blogs of people who explore the world and of course I love Tasmania which is why I was so pleased recently to find out about Anni May Jensen's blog in progress covering her walking adventure of the Tasmanian Trail.

Tackled back in March, Anni is still writing up her adventure (she's at day 16) and it only takes 30 minutes to catch up from her first post to her current position.

Anni of course isn't the only one who has written about their adventures on the trail, and these stories are one of the best sources of information about what it is like out there.

For those considering riding the Tasmanian Trail there is an excellent video over on youtube of Ian Coles and Neil Thorburn's ride down the trail in February/March 2013.   Anyone who has ridden the Caves Track section will particularly appreciate their epic ascent up this part of the ride. 

The Tasmanian Trail website also has a a few user reports, including a report by Peter Hoskinson who ran the Tasmanian Trail in just five and a half days to celebrate his 50th birthday.  I know Pete, but it still blows me away as it took me 8 days to ride the trail. 

On my to do list is to write up a lot of the potential day trips that you can use the trail for, in the meantime there is still a menu on the left hand side of www.tassierambler.org of many day trips that I've ridden that you can follow ... or maybe like Anni you could just decide to get out there and ride the whole thing.
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