Tasmania's Bike Friendly Business Accreditation Program

The TICT have launched Australia's first Bike Friendly Business community in partnership with the Tasmanian Government, the Tasmanian cycling community, and Tourism Northern Tasmania.

The aim of 'Bike Friendly Business Accreditation' is

  • To create an accreditation program for tourism facing businesses in Tasmania to leverage the cycle tourism market. Businesses will complete a declaration stating they are bike friendly which demonstrates a united and welcome approach to cycle tourists.
  • To create a community of like-minded businesses who all work together to share knowledge and promote/refer each other to cycle tourists.
  • To create a brand that resonates with cyclists and immediately generates a feeling of confidence and reassurance that a businesses carrying this identifiable logo will treat cycle tourist with warmth and provide a level of assistance to their varying needs.

On the upside, the scheme is free of charge for Tourism Accredited Businesses, but on the downside it is only open to Tourism Accredited Businesses.

The scheme itself has seemed to abandoned the well accepted approaches in Europe and elsewhere having different bandings or minimum standards for accreditiation and has instead gone for a simple "tick five boxes and you're in".  This approach is not in itself flawed, but given the checklinst (below) it does seem that a business could tick five boxes in just one or two categories and be accredited as "Bike Friendly" without necessarily meeting a minimum standard required by cyclists.

Knowledge and welcome – demonstrate your understanding of the needs of cyclists


  • Front of house staff are aware of the needs of cyclists and can confidently assist cycle tourists with information or help
  • Front of house staff are aware of the local cycling trails
  • We stock books and brochures outlining trails
  • Staff/owners are keen cyclists
  • We have undertaken or have a willingness to undertake training/attend cycle friendly workshops

Water Refills

  • Water bottles can be filled up in guest rooms
  • Staff will fill water bottles upon request
  • Water jug is supplied for self-service
  • Tap that is accessible and permitted for cyclists to self-service


  • We supply bike racks out of the front of the building
  • We supply bike hooks to hang bikes safely
  • We supply floor mats for customers to store their bikes in their rooms
  • We offer a locked room for bike storage
  • We have a secure garage available for bike storage

Repair and maintenance

  • We have a bicycle repair kit (*minimum items are required, see below)
  • We have extra tools available such as cable cutters, spare cables etc.
  • We have a complimentary, dedicated self-service area
  • We have a member of staff that can provide limited mechanical assistance
  • We employ a paid bike mechanic
  • We offer a tap and hose outside that can be used for bike washing
  • We offer a dedicated cleaning area for bikes
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