Implementation of Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Master Plan - June 2017 Update

The June 2017 Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Master Plan Implementation Update has been released including a note that a detailed feasibility study is being undetaken by World Trail on the Big Bend to Junction Cabin Downhill Track, the shared use status of Middle Track (Radfords to Reservoir Trail) has now been made permanent and much more.

City of Hobart (CoH)

  • Strickland Falls link – Currently programmed for 2017-18. Partially dependent on negotiations with Cascade due to tenure of land in the vicinity of Lower Sawmill and Middle Island Fire Trails.
  • Big Bend to Junction Cabin - Downhill Track. Detailed feasibility currently being undertaken (June 2017), including detailed track alignment, construction methods and costings by World Trail.
  • Old Farm Track – Converted in 2015 to a single direction, single use track with new short trail section constructed. Technical trail features scoped in late 2015, currently programmed for delivery in 2017-18.
  • Middle Track (Radfords Track to Reservoir Trail) – Shared use now permanent.
  • Fern Tree Park to Pillinger Drive: Shared use trial is underway (finishing June 2017).
  • 156a (Break Neck Trail – Junction Cabin Climber) – Tentatively programmed for 2018-19 with funding request subject to council budget processes. Significant planning and approvals required.
  • The Slides Track – Construction complete, awaiting signage.
  • Slides – Tip Top Connector – Construction complete, awaiting signage.
  • Tip Top Track Extension – Investigations undertaken in 2014. Potential alignments scoped, however final network may benefit from outcomes of the Cascade Strategic Land Review.
  • Queens Domain Summit Loop – Construction complete, awaiting signage.
  • Pipeline Track Shared-Use – Pending final decision based on outcomes of Fern Tree Park to Pillinger Drive trial.

Kingborough Council (KC)

  • Kingston MTB Park – Council had a contractor in to do some remedial, reshaping, surface and drainage work in December 2016 on the descending XC track to see how it would hold up over the coming winter and the wet season. So far so good. National Tree Planting Day was held at the MTB Park in July 2016 to assist with drainage, ground moisture and aesthetics of the park and all plantings growing well. Council had to remove the ‘Black Box’ on the Black Betty track due to vandalism and unsafe condition of the box. The section is currently being regenerated and amended. The surface of the landing areas of the three drop-off jumps has also had some work done on it and will be monitored. June 2017 the beginners loop has been resurfaced and capped. The MTB Park is gradually getting more use with these on-going upgrades. It is a work in progress with future funding not yet secured for next stage of upgrades to the XC track.
  • Alum Cliffs Track - Stage 3 of Alum Cliffs track from the Shot Tower to Wandella Ave, Taroona was completed in November 2016. This section was built to multi-use standard and Council is investigating a future proposed shared use trial of Alum Cliffs Track after an external risk audit for shared use.
  • Nierinna Creek Track – Council will be undertaking a full track audit on all the tracks in the municipality which will take into consideration what future upgrades are required, and any tracks that can be converted to potential multi-use. The track is open to all users.
  • Mt Nelson to Kingston link – A long term goal to have a multi-use trail between Mt Nelson, Albion Heights and Kingston. This is part of a broader vision for a Regional Trail from Hobart to Dover, with the Hobart to Kingston section being the critical link to establish. Discussions were held again in 2016 with some of the relevant land owners for access from the Mt Nelson end and currently stalled. This link is still flagged in Kingborough’s Tracks and Trails Strategic Action Plan that has recently been out for public feedback.
  • Tramway to Maudsley Rd Link (Allens Rivulet) – land owner negotiations were held during 2016 and there is still one landowner not in favour of public access. Currently stalled. The Trail Riders Action Club (TRAC) is keen to pursue this link and there is strong community support. A long term option to keep in mind.
  • Tramway Stage 2 – No progress/investigation to date but this route is flagged in the Kingborough Tracks & Trails Strategic Action Plan as a priority 1 list option. Requires land owner support for a final link.
  • Snug Tiers (PWS) – no further progress at this stage.

Clarence City Council (CCC)

  • Tangara Trail – a new link from Cilwen Road via Aspect Place to Alliance Drive has been created which provides a trail connection to the Meehan Range via the Highway Track.
  • Meehan Range
    • Maintenance work has been carried out on tracks in the Clarence Mountain Bike Park including vegetation pruning, track improvements on the xc loop and a realignment of the Belbins Link.
    • Funding has been secured to develop a skills park at the entrance to the Clarence Mountain Bike Park. Two contractors have been appointed and work is expected to start later in the year
    • The Draft Meehan Range Strategic Mountain Bike Plan is being reviewed as should be ready for public consultation by the end of the year. PWS draft Meehan Range Management Statement needs to be released first.
    • The Friends Track has had additional work done to it by volunteers from Friends School and PCYC (supervised by a professional track builder) and is getting closer to completion.

Glenorchy City Council (GCC)

  • Glenorchy MTB Park
    • Remediation of the Gully Track, Access Track, and Humphries beginner loop. Monthly maintenance undertaken from January - June 2017.
    • Park is being utilised for events and a number of skill training courses.
  • Monitoring – met with Mathematician from Utas to develop an overview for statistical sound data collection and have purchased additional date counters and receivers to gain a greater understanding of track usage.
  • Council has capital funding over the next 5 years to upgrade the foreshore track between MONA and Cadbury.

Wellington Park Management Trust (WPMT)

  • Shared Use Trials
    • Middle Track (between Reservoir Trail and Radfords Track) was converted permanently to Shared Use for bikes, dual direction, following consideration by the Trust of the results of a 6 month trial which included
      • chicanes, markers and signage installed by HCC
      • feedback from users via website and on-site survey
      • monitoring of user numbers, track surface erosion and corridor effects.
    • Pillinger Drive Track (from Ferntree Park to Pillinger Drive) Trial of shared use with bikes, dual direction, has been extended until June 30, 2017 to allow time for feedback to be received following installation of improvement works in Jan 2017. Online feedback, survey and monitoring data will be compiled by Trust Manager and Ranger, then presented to Trust for decision.
  • Upper Luge - The Trust resolved that the HCC should investigate minimum works required for formalising. HCC Track Management Supervisor and WPMT Heritage advisor have done initial inspection and found some issues with existing alignment in terms of trail sustainability and proximity to heritage features. Further work required as resources allow on mapping, alignment and seeking funding. Meanwhile the track is regarded as informal rather than illegal.
  • Other Wellington Park matters of relevance to MTB activities
    • Strategic Planning. The Wellington Park Management Trust has developed a Strategic Plan for the Park (2017 – 2021). The plan outlines the key strategies the Trust will employ to assist it meet its statutory responsibilities and achieve the Key Desired Outcome (KDO’s). One of the primary initiatives identified is the preparation of a Visitor and Recreation Strategy as identified within the Wellington Park Management Plan (9.5.1 page 192). The Trust considers this to be a high priority but its development is in part dependant on additional funding to progress.
    • The strategy will provide additional guidance, context and policy direction for tourism and recreation within the Park. This includes the management and use of tracks, and the promotion of the range of recreational opportunities and experiences, including MTB riding. Meanwhile, in accordance with the Trust requirements, the implementation of the recommended actions of the Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Master Plan relevant to the Park can be considered subject to the consideration of environmental and cultural issues, and proposed mitigation strategies.
    • Wellington Park App. Another priority relevant to mountain biking is the Wellington Park App proposal. The concept being a free app for smartphones or tablet that provides visitors to the Park with a range of activity-specific information including interpretation, route-finding information, emergency alerts and access information, helping to facilitate a safer, more informed and enjoyable visitor experience. The project scope and proposal is still being developed and yet to be fully considered and funded.
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