‘Blue Derby’ MTB Trails Newsletter - Issue 2 Now Available

Issue 2 of the "Blue Derby" MTB Trails newsletter is now available.  News includes that the official launch date has been pushed back to February 7 (but the Blue Dragon event has been cancelled), The "Corner Store" and a new B&B are already setting up in Derby and there's more pics and updates on the trails ...

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Zeehan MTB Hub one step closer ...

The Zeehan MTB Hub came one big step closer yesterday with the Tasmanian Cabinet approval of $1.21 million for the construction and marketing of eight trails connecting Zeehan, Rosebery and Tullah.
Rumour is that the cyclists are already lining up to get to Zeehan and ride these trails ... (OK, so maybe I'm trying to start that rumour).
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Hobart Rivulet Track Comments Sought - October 2014

Hobart City Council is seeking feedback on the proposal to replace the gravel track with an all-weather sealed surface. Click here to provide comments [link removed]. A successful grant from the Trails and Bikeways Program is funding some of the improvements. Last winter sections became wet and boggy and the lack of sunlight prevented it from drying out. The muddy surface makes it unpleasant for people using prams, on bicycles, mobility scooters or simply walking and combined with the slope from McKellar St, the slipperiness has safety issues for people riding or walking.

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Blue Derby MTB Trails logo released

The good news is that the new (and I think rather awesome) logo for the North East Trails (still under construction) has been released, and as commented by one person, it would make a rather awesome beer label for one of the microbrews at Weldborough Pub.  Not so good news is that the same article notes that the trails will open in early 2015, not December 2014 as has been previously reported in The Mercury newspaper.  Full details below.
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Kentish-Latrobe mountain bike park update - 30 September 2014

The Kentish and Latrobe councils are jointly exploring the development of a world-class mountain bike facility, stretching from Sheffield to Devonport.  The facility is proposed to be built to achieve a Silver Rating under the IMBA Ride Centre evaluation criteria. Only one Australia venue presently has this rating.

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MTB News - Derby/Blue Tier Aug/Sept 2014

The first edition of a new newsletter highlighting what is happening with the Derby/ Blue Tier trails is now available.  Perhaps the most exciting news for we locals is that the first trails are likely to be open before Christmas (though some may argue that the new toilet block is also pretty exciting news). There's lots of other great information in the newsletter including news that Hertz are getting on board and will be offering bike racks and trailers from Launceston.  These are the small things that will make this whole concept work.

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Hollybank Trails Official Opening

Construction of the skills park and pump track are well underway, and although it may take a few weeks for the trails to dry out, given the wet and wild weather we've experienced, the Hollybank MTB Trails will be officially opened on Saturday,4 October at 11am!.

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Implementation of Greater Hobart MTB Master Plan - August 2014

The quarterly land manager updates for the Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Master Plan is out and it makes for interesting reading. Tip Top Track has gone official and will soon be up on the Greater Hobart Trails website, there's a proposed conversion of the Old Farm Track to a one-way downhill track (comments sought), a big surprise for me was learning that the new Pilchers Hill and Caves Hill tracks will be designated as one-way uphill tracks only (not sure how much I like that), but on the good news front there are yet more plans, for yet more trail around the Clarence MTB Park and a connector track between Caves Hill and Belbins Rd (mega 5-star awesome).
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Old Farm Track - Downhill project

The City of Hobart is proposing to convert the Old Farm Track, between Old Farm Fire Trail and Main Fire Trail from a shared use track, to a single use (bicycle only), single direction (downhill) track. The proposal includes a new ~70m section of track between Old Farm Track and Main Fire Trail, to separate riders from walkers at the Myrtle Gully Track junction.

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Meehan Ranges trail notes updated

The Meehan Ranges trail notes and maps have now been updated to include the full length of the cliff top track and the new switchbacks just before you come out onto the golden hill trail.  The trail angels are monsters on steroids up there, but we're trying our best to keep up ...

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Tasmanian Trail - Regional Update

The Tasmanain Trail Association is looking for more individuals who are prepared to help advise them on good trails for cyclists based on the Tasmanian Trail.  They're also looking for cyclists who have ridden the trail to be part of an ABC programme on the Tasmanian Trail.  These and more details are in the August 2014 Tasmanian Trail News - August 2014 update.

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Glenorchy MTB Park Signage Installed

Glenorchy City Council have finished installing new signage at the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park and have also released a new pdf and ineractive maps of the site.

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Latrobe-Kentish Mountain Bike Trail Network Update at 7 August 2014

Here's a very brief summary of what has happened in the past few weeks:

1. The Reserve Activity Assessment process has begun with Warrawee land manager Parks & Wildlife Service. This is a two-stage process. In Step 1, I have submitted a project proposal to Parks & Wildlife. It states (in general terms) what we want to do, where we want to do it, and how. They look at this proposal, and consider what issues may potentially arise (e.g. impact on flora and fauna, cultural heritage considerations, proximity to riparian environments, future land management and maintenance issues, future land tenure/lease arrangements). Parks then come back with a list of things we have to address, and how they want them addressed. They say they will take two months to assess it and will get back to us by the beginning of October. At that point, we will need specific trail design plans, so, it is time to have a site visit and develop a proposed trail map.
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Tip Top Track restored for the Public

A DEDICATED group of volunteers has assisted the City of Hobart to reinstate the popular Tip Top mountain bike track in South Hobart.

The track was originally built in 2007 by a group of local mountain bikers, however unsustainable construction techniques led to the track's erosion and it was eventually closed in 2009.

The restoration project engaged with volunteers and mountain bike riders over four weekends to improve the track's sustainability and it also provided an opportunity for riders to design a track that was tailored to their needs. The collaboration has resulted in a high grade construction with extra care taken to harmonise the track with the local environment.

The Tip Top track plays an important role connecting riders between kunanyi/Mount Wellington and South Hobart and it also connects with a number of other tracks within the area. The City of Hobart is grateful for the volunteers' efforts, collectively donating more than 200 hours of their time to complete this community project.

To find out more about City of Hobart tracks and trails visit hobartcity.com.au/Recreation

Source: Hobart City Council Capital City News August 2014

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August 2014 Events Update

Did anyone manage to keep up with all the event and track updates in July?

Let's see ... the Pickles Hill MTB Enduro on 31 August seemed to come out of nowhere, including a new Dirt Devils Adventure Ride on the 10th August to check out the course, and of course entries are now open to the Meehan Monster.

There's also now more cyclocross events going on than I can get to (Kim, tells me this isn't the end of the world, but I'm not so sure), with both Dirt Devils and LMBC offering events through August (watch their facebook pages as events are popping up and changing quickly).

The Ben Lomond Descent got pushed back to August 17 due to the wild weather, and the Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club has annouced their first event for the season - a four hour enduro at Stubbs Road on 12 September, and LMBC have another social ride on August 24 out to the Dazzler Range.

There's also more trail building going on than I can keep track of ... It's like some magic dwarfs have moved into the Meehan Ranges with track construction happening so quickly I can't keep the website up to date.  I also see that Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club have got a track building session coming up on August 5, and who isn't salivating over the Dirt Art photos showing the work going on up at Hollybank.  Can't wait for those trails to open.

I'm sure there's more that I've missed, but that's just because I can't keep up.  

You can see all the events I know of over on Tassie Trails ... and it's in an all new format.  I'd love to say this is a planned improvement, but the truth is that the old events software I'm using has been discontinued so this has been forced on me.    The bad news with the new software I'm using is it only shows events in date order (not in a calendar format).  The good news is that anyone can now register and add their own events, so if you have an event you want to advertise - feel free to give it a try.  Soon I will be releasing a new module which will allow anyone to display the events calendar on their own websites like is shown on the left hand side of the tassie trails home page ...which could be cool if anyone uses it.

Finally, if it's escaped your notice.  It's winter.  On the awesome side of things this means there are snowy trails out there to be ridden, on the less than awesome side of things, it also means regular closures are going on (especially in Trevallyn and Kate Reed).  Frustrating, yes, but respect the trail closures as they are there so the trails can survive.

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September 2013 Events Update

While there's still a couple of winter events to be enjoyed this September, event updates and additions have been pretty sparse.

LMBC's Geard Cycles 4 Hour Enduro has apparently grown up into the Geards Cycle Giant 275 enduro and I somehow suspect that with Kim eyeing off one of these new Giant 27.5's that I might find myself at this event come October 6.

The only new additions to the tassietrails.org calender come from Audax Tasmania which has published its long distance events for the summer period.  These events are generally road events, but if you're not into racing, but still like to log up some kilometres on challenging but scenic rides then these Audax events are a great alternative. 

The current list of Audax events include:


  • Saturday 26th: Ranelagh Ramble 100km.


  • Sunday 3: Commando Circuit: 50km 
  • Sunday 10: Bike Tas  Big Ride: 100km
  • Sunday 17: I Can Ride 100 Miles: 150km Unsupported


  • Sunday 8: Ash Dash and Demi Dash: 200km/120km.

January 2014

  • Saturday 4/Sunday 5: Swansea Loop: 300km
  • Saturday 11/Sunday 12: Swansea Loop Too: 300km
  • Saturday 18/Sunday 19: Mt Field weekend: 2x100km

See the Addax calendar at www.audax.org.au for full details including links to entry forms and maps.

Finally, and although not event update still worthy of note, BikeTas have completely updated their website and of course the North East Mountain Bike Website is also now up and running and waiting for you to join the community.

So if getting out and riding isn't seeming appealing right now maybe head on over there and check out their websites.

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TBug AGM (Rob Potter Presentation)

Rob Potter will be giving a presentation at TBug's AGM, Tuesday 10th September, on "Making and riding the best mountain bike tracks".

As an all mountain rider, Rob has ridden a lot of the best trails around the world.  He is the man responsible for building the wonderful tracks around Trevallyn and Kate Reed (and other parts of Tasmania).  Rob is now contracted to national trail construction company Dirt Art, and is responsible for designing tracks which are fun, just the right amount of challenge, accessible to most people, sustainable, and not leading bikers to crash into walkers. 

He’ll be talking about the riding around Tasmania and the world, and how he goes about making MTB tracks.

So if you live in the Launceston area, and you've ever wanted an excuse to see what TBug's about or to hear from Rob, then head out to the Newstead Tennis Centre, Olive St, 7pm. 

For more details contact Anna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring her on 6334 6633.

Source: adapted from TBug Newsletter,29 August 2013

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Hollybank Mountain Bike Facility - Trail Master Plan Released

For those who like to drool over future trails, check out the Hollybank Mountain Bike Facility- Trail Master Plan 2013 listed below.

This document gives a great overview (including maps) of what is to come from the Hollybank MTB project and it's got me rather excited.

While you're checking out what's happening in the North east, jump on over to the new MTB North East Tasmania website (Note linked deactivated July 2018 as now defunct).  

As well as being the new central information point for the North Eastern Mountain Bike Development Project (NEMTB), this site has been set up as a social hub for riders and businesses in the region to interact.  
I'd encourage people to get on over and visit the site, have a look around, register, and start getting some information up there to get the community going.

Note: weblinks removed in 2019 as no longer live.


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August Event Updates

PhotoA belated scan of what's coming up in Tassie Mountain Biking (and outdoor sports in general) has pulled up a few changes since I looked last month.

For those up in Launceston that are curious as to what is happening with the NE Trail Project, the LMBC have an information night at 7pm on August 12 at Gunners Arms Hotel.  Flick through to the LMBC facebook page for more details and to register your interest in the event.

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Tasmanian Trail - 2013 AGM

The Tasmanian Trail Association is a volunteer association that promotes and maintains the Tasmanian Trail which is currently the only long distance (Devonport to Dover) multi-use walking, cycling and horse trail in Tasmania.

I've ridden this trail twice over the years (once end to end and a second time in sections) and I believe that as well as the obvious end to end route, it provides some great day ride and overnight options for mountain bikers.  

Many of the enquiries I get through tassietrails are from interstate riders interested in riding the Tasmanian Trail which to me shows the importance it plays in mountain biking tourism in Tasmania.

The Association will be holding their next General Meeting and AGM at the Man O'Ross Hotel, Ross on Saturday 3rd August starting at 10.30am and they are still looking for mountain bikers and walkers who are keen to have some input into the Trail, especially in regard to planning loops, accommodation options, and extensions as much as possible.

If this might be you, I'd encourage you to get in contact with the Association and see how you might be able to help out. 

If you're interested in learning more about riding the trail, as well as the main page on tassietrails.org, There is a short cut menu to the range of day and weekend rides I did on the trail back in 2010 on my tassierambler.org blog (just scroll down and look for the Tasmanian Trail menu on the left hand side of the screen).

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