2015-16 Tasmanian Mountain Biking Visitor Statistics

The number of visitors to Tasmania undertaking some form of mountain biking activity has climbed to 19,447 (range 18,400 - 20,500) according to the June 2016 release of Tourism Visitor Statistics, an increase of around 75% since the same time last year.

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Those undertaking some form of mountain biking activity still remains low (1.7%) as a total percentage of visitors, but it is up from 1.0% from this time last year.  Putting it into perspective more people reported going quad biking (1.9%) or sailing (2.0%) than mountain biking, but golf (2.3%) and overnight bushwalking (3.2%) - which are seen as big tourism drawcards - aren't that far ahead in terms of participation (albeit that the number of people that come specifically for mountain biking will only be a portion of the reported numbers that have undertaken some form of mountain biking).

The breakdown of statistics by purpose of visit (while subject to a high level or range variability) show that 60% of people reporting undertaking having gone mountain biking were in Tasmania primarily for a holiday with the other 40% being a mix of business and other travelers.  This mirrors the data for 2015.

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The State by state breakdown shows that Victoria (34%) followed by NSW (10%) and Queensland (9%) are where most of the visitors who undertake some form of mountin bike activity are coming from.

Source: extracted from the TVSAnalyser June - July 2016
The number of total cyclists has also climbed, reaching 39,100 (range 36,900 - 41,300) an increase of 41% since the same time last year.

The data in his article was sourced from Tourism Tasmania's TVSAnalyser database.  Any errors in this data extraction analysis are mine and are an accident.  The confidence bounds reported are my best linear interpretation from the recommended ranges.
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