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A year later ...
@Troy - Covid put the brakes on a lot of my commuting, but I have done about 600kms on my Lekker now, and I can honestly say it is the biggest dud of a bike I have ever bought. The battery constantly loses charge (I'd estimate 25% per week) even when turned off, I have had multiple occasions (particularly going up steep hills) where the battery has gone from showing 50%-75% charged to just overloading and turning off, and then when you restart it showing it has next to no charge, the internal hub and power just don't work well together at all ... I just look at all the other electric bikes out there, and think no. Never Lekker, never again.

The only caveats I might put on that are (1) if you live near a Lekker shop so you can get support, maybe you'd be OK (I found their support to be terrible but I'm from a different state) and (2) I have now put a set of front and back baskets on my bike, I've installed an adjustable stem to make the seating position more upright and relaxed and added some Ergon GS-1 grips to improve the comfort of the grips. I now use it for the 3km return trip to our local shops which is all on flat pathways, and for that purpose - the lekker works just fine.
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March 25, 2021
Thanks for that. What a shame, it looked to have so much potential and was one of my leading contenders, but gearing and power problems will be a massive deal breaker for me - they facilitate the main attractions of an ebike for me. I'd expect those features to be on point, especially when forking out $4k plus.
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