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Haunted Bay
Maria Island - good things take time
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All I can say about this place is you really need time to explore the island fully. I've just returned from my 3rd visit and finally got to tick off all the climbs and rides I didn't have time to do on the previous 2 trips. This time I spent 3 nights camping at both Darlington & Encampment Cove and with the bike explored just about every inch of Maria Is worth checking out. The details posted in the overview provide a really comprehensive review of how to go about tackling the island. If you can only go there for the day all I will say is YOU NEED A BIKE! The ferry drops you off around 10am and returns to get you around 4:30pm and even though it sounds like 6hrs is a long time to check out all the sites think again. Many of the great walks take time and are quite apart from one another so you'd be lucky to walk to say Bishop & Clerk and see the painted cliffs in that time. With a bike though you can often ride part or all of the way to many attractions so if you can ride a bike either take yours with you on the ferry or hire one but do yourself a favour and get riding!
It's a really unique place steeped in history that shouldn't be missed. From beautiful beaches with near clear water to 290 million yo fossil cliffs you can actually see and touch it's a destination that keep you coming back.


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